Roof Repairs / Surveying / Investigation

Electronic Leak Detection
  • Fast and accurate location of leaks in most types of waterproofing membranes.

  • Equipment available for testing in both wet and dry conditions. 

  • The test equipment will detect leaks with centimetre accuracy normally without the need to remove surface coatings or make special provisions. 

  • Defects marked on the roof's surface with survey paint and on CAD drawings included in a special report if required.

Infrared Thermal Imaging Scans
  • Infra-red technology allows accurate location of wet or missing insulation within the waterproofing system providing critical data for roof maintenance. 

  • Saves needless roof replacement. 

  • Defects marked on the roof and on CAD drawings.

Diagnostic Roof Surveys
  • Using our wealth of practical and surveying experience along with our vast range of state of the art non-destructive test equipment we can tailor a bespoke diagnostic roof survey to meet your needs and identify your water ingress problems. 

  • A site visit will normally be made at a nominal cost to discuss your requirements and establish a survey regime. Following the initial visit a quotation will be issued with details of your custom survey.

  • Should you wish to proceed with our survey proposals we will deduct the cost of the initial visit from the cost of the full survey.

Quality Control Integrity Testing
  • Non-destructive integrity testing proves that newly installed waterproofing membranes are free from defects.

  • Any problem identified can be quickly repaired and retested.

  • Particularly useful if the waterproofing is to be paved, decked or buried.

  • Certification eliminates disputes and speeds up handover.

  • Assists Main Contractors in controlling/minimising damage to newly installed membranes by following trades.

Flat Roof Electronic Leak Detection - Dynamic Area Mapping (D.A.M.) ©

Often referred to as the "wet test", this method is ideal for use on any flat or low-pitched roof to identify defects in exposed membrane or ballasted systems. This test is performed in wet conditions (rainfall) or with a hosed down wetted test area.

Dye Testing
  • Dye testing can be used where sophisticated electronic leak detection systems are not applicable. 

  • Useful for testing roof drainage systems, metal coping joints and penetrations.

Electrical Capacitance Testing (Moisture Mapping)

The Electrical Capacitance Test is designed to trace entrapped moisture/water in the roof construction under test. The roof membrane under test must be an electrical insulator and the area must also be dry for the ECT to be carried out. The ECT unit is calibrated on a known dry area of the roof. The roof area is then systematically mapped and areas of greater moisture indication are marked with survey paint showing areas that will need further investigation or repair if an ingress point is identified. The Electrical Capacitance Test is particularly useful on roof areas with a plywood deck as other Electronic Testing Methods have limitation on this type of roof construction.

Diagnostic Roof Surveys
  • We have a full range of trolley mounted and hand held capacitance meters designed specifically for detecting moisture within built up roofing systems which we offer as an alternative to our infrared thermal imaging surveys.

  • These are particularly useful for detecting moisture in roofing systems above unheated buildings or where there are heat generating sources at roof level or where the waterproofing is covered with chippings. 

  • Please contact us to discuss your needs