Liquid Coated Roofings

Liquid coated roofing systems (also known as liquid applied roofing) are designed to overlay virtually any existing flat roof. This is ideal when faced with a confined urban space, numerous roof penetrations or restricted use of hot asphalt or heat welding.

Using advanced, high performance polyurethane coatings we can apply a joint-free system with no fixtures or fittings to compromise the finish. It forms one of the most effective waterproofing systems available in the world today. Our Membranes are applied cold and consistently across the roof. The finish resists UV, erosion, cracking and tearing and its elasticity allows for any building movement. They also provide excellent protection against water build up on flat roofs, sometimes called water ponding.

Our Liquid Applied Roofing Solutions are :

  • Fully cold applied  liquid
  • Free from obtrusive repairs
  • Resistance to water build up
  • Fibre reinforced for maximum film strength
  • UV stable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Insurance backed, with warranties from  10 – 25 years

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