Cut Edge Corrosion

Cut edge corrosion occurs when coated metal cladding is exposed to the elements. Most manufacturers offer 15 – 25 years gurantee on their cladding although when the sheets are cut during constructions this leaves a thin uncoated area exposed to the elements and open to peeling and corrosion.

The metal can also expand which causes the factory coating to lift, exposing the metal further. This can eventually lead to the whole coating delaminating which will make it very easy for the existing corrosion to eat through the metal completely, causing leaks within the premises. If this happens, the affected cladding sheets will need to be replaced.

If cut edge corrosion is not addressed quickly it’ll eat into the metal sheet causing leaks from the roof into the building. The problems this can cause include: Structural integrity of the roof, increased maintenance cost and reductions in the building value.

Our Cut Edge Corrosion is :

  • Available in all cladding colours
  • Able to reinforcement heavily deteriorated laps
  • Insurance backed with warranties available
  • Able to prolong early roof sheet replacement
  • Aesthetically pleasing

What to Expect

The process is actually quite straight forward as outlined below:

  • We inspect and measure the site
  • Mechanically remove the corrosion
  • Feather back the peeling to smooth the surface out and remove any ridges
  • Apply our custom sealant to stop any moisture / the elements getting back into the metal sheet / cladding

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